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BMX World Championship > Editions

2020Houston, United States26 to 31 May
2019Heusden-Zolder, Belgium23 to 28 July
2018Baku, Azerbaijan5 to 9 June
2017Rock Hill, United States25 to 29 July
2016Medellin, Colombia25 to 29 May
2015Heusden-Zolder, Belgium21 to 25 July
2014Rotterdam, Netherlands22 to 27 July
2013Auckland, New Zealand24 to 28 July
2012Birmingham, Great Britain23 to 27 May
2011Copenhagen, Denmark28 to 31 July
2010Pietermaritzburg, South AfricaJuly 29 to August 1
2009Adelaide, Australia24 to 26 July
2008Taiyuan, ChinaMay 29 to June 1
2007Victoria, Canada27 to 29 July
2006Sao Paulo, Brazil28 to 30 July
2005Paris, France29 to 31 July
2004Valkenswaard, Netherlands23 to 25 July
2003Perth, Australia25 to 27 July
2002Paulinia, Brazil24 to 28 July
2001Louisville, United States27 to 29 July
2000Cordoba, Argentina24 to 29 July
1999Vallet, France20 to 25 July
1998Melbourne, Australia24 to 26 July
1997Saskatoon, Canada22 to 27 July
1996Brighton, Great Britain16 to 18 August