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World Short Track Speed Skating Championship > Editions

Editions (incomplete) Date
2019Sofia, Bulgaria8 to 10 March
2018Montreal, Canada16 to 18 March
2017Rotterdam, Netherlands10 to 12 March
2016Seoul, South Korea11 to 13 March
2015Moscow, Russia13 to 15 March
2014Montreal, Canada14 to 17 March
2013Debrecen, Hungary8 to 10 March
2012Shanghai, China9 to 11 March
2011Sheffield, Great Britain11 to 13 March
2010Sofia, Bulgaria19 to 21 March
2009Vienna, Austria5 to 8 March
2008Gangneung, South Korea7 to 9 March
2007Milan, Italy9 to 11 March
2006Minneapolis, United States29 to 31 March
2005Beijing, China9 to 11 March
2004Goteborg, Sweden17 to 19 March
2003Warsaw, Poland19 to 21 March
2002Montreal, Canada5 to 7 April
2001Jeonju, South Korea29 to 31 March
2000Sheffield, Great Britain10 to 12 March
1999Sofia, Bulgaria19 to 21 March
1998Vienna, Austria
1997Nagano, Japan28 to 30 March
1996The Hague, Netherlands1 to 3 March
1995Gjovik, Norway17 to 19 March
1994Guildford, Great BritainMarch 31 to April 2